Technical Data

CrC 60 wearplate is a high chromium carbide alloy (AWRA 2360) deposited onto high grade ductile mild steel plate (AS1594-A1006).


Chemical composition of hard overlay material is similar to high chromium white cast irons that are known to be be one of the most cost effective range of alloys available to combat wear.  However,  unique fabrication of deposited alloys are considered superior to cast alloys as the rapid cooling rate produces a very fine microstructure.

Stress Cracks

CrC 60 wearplate may forms cracks and these are also not uncommon in chromium white iron deposits.


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Rating and Testing

Wear resistence rating is done in strictly controlled testing environments performed by certified approved experts of the National Association of Testing Authorites Australia – NATA.

Chemical analysis

Typical analysis of CrC 60 wearplate includes data on primary properties as well as trace elements and other alloy mixture additives 


CrC 60 wearplate  hardness range is 59 to 62 on the ROCKWELL C harness scale – 650 BRINEL | 820 Vickers.

A typical undiluted harness is 60 ROCKWELL C

CrC 60 wearplate attachments

There are 3 common methods to attach CrC 60 wearplate


Plasma arc is the preferred method but we do sometimes use other methods. Often cutting is where production starts on the factory floor so getting it right is imperative.

Cold Forming

CrC 60 can be bent and we may use different methods. This is dependent on individual job requirements and whether the wearplate surface will be an ‘inie’ or an ‘outie’


Welding is absolutely crucial to production of quality wearplate so our best practice and criteria is strict and stringent.